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Scania Services

In Order To Satisfy Our Clients And To Meet Their Demands, Araco Offers The Following Services With Utmost Dedication.

Scania Maintenance Contract

Scania Maintenance Contract is the ideal way to ensure maximum uptime with minimum costs – and peace of mind. Rest assured that your vehicles are optimally maintained and that there will be no unexpected costs.
You simply pay a flat monthly fee, or a one-off payment up front. This means you know the maintenance costs throughout the contract, it simplifies your budgeting and enables you to price your customer transport assignments with confidence. And because you always deal with the same workshop, the service team builds a thorough knowledge of your vehicles and their service history, for efficient and accurate diagnosis if a problem crops up. Vehicles supported by a Scania Maintenance Contract also benefit from higher residual values.

Scania Driver Training

Your drivers are a crucial factor in the profitability of your business. They are the single most important factor in fuel economy and wear and tear of tyres and parts, as well as road safety.
Scania Driver Training can help even the most experienced drivers to drive more economically and more safely – and make a dramatically positive impact on your bottom line. You can expect to save about 10% on fuel alone, with a significant reduction in emissions. What’s more, tyres will last longer, and the powertrain will last longer and consume less oil. And lower costs means higher margins. Last, but not least, a well-trained driver is far less likely to be involved in an accident – meaning less unplanned downtime and lower insurance premiums. And more uptime means more business for you. When you take all these factors into consideration, it’s clear to see how quickly investment in driver training pays for itself – usually in just a few months!
Araco provides affordable, reliable and competitive in-house financing in all types of Scania Trucks, Buses, Generators and Marine Engines with low rates and flexible terms.

Scania Oil

Choosing oil may not seem like a very high priority. But choosing the right oil can make a significant contribution to your overall operating economy.
Quality is everything when it comes to maximising performance and minimising wear and tear. But oil quality can vary considerably between brands and depending on where you operate. That’s why we went to great lengths to develop our own range of engine, gearbox and axle oils. Scania Oil is the result of over a decade of intense research and development, and is verified to exceed the demands of your vehicles and the extreme conditions they operate under. Our tests led to a new Scania testing standard, the long drain field test, or LDF. “Long drain” means that we test the oils and engines for double our recommended mileages. So wherever you operate, and whatever the driving conditions, you can be confident that by choosing Scania Oil you are helping to protect and prolong the life of your vehicles. Every new vehicle today leaves the factory with Scania Oil in it, and we only use Scania Oil in our workshops. Now Scania Oil for engines, gearboxes and axles is also available for sale over the counter.